In English. To be followed. ….

It is midnight and I am not sleepy I had a not so good day.
My bank account is blocked I cannot use the applications on my iPad to reach my bank I called several times yesterday because each time the communication was cut.
Today I wanted to use the Natwest applications on my iPad and it’s blocked I called them impossible to unlock I have to call them back tomorrow at 8am.
I am not at all happy with this bank NatWest my bank card that every month my bank account is accessed my card is canceled, I have to ask for a bank card debit card again I am starting to get fed up with this bank.
Here I have no more access to my money. It is very well this Natwest bank.
Otherwise everything is fine except that I have no more money and I cannot access my account.
My kitten Holly is capricious she is very difficult to eat the salmon for cat that I bought and that I paid dearly she liked yesterday today she is reluctant she has to eat on her plate and she does not eat so I leave it like that when she is hungry she will eat because she is wasting.
It didn’t rain today I think it was a little sunny it started to get cold in the house I think Thursday and Friday they will install my heating which will be better because it started to get very cold .
Fortunately I have enough to eat. Because with this blocked bank story I will starve.
I hope that tomorrow by calling them they will be able to unblock me and I can buy food.
Holly has what it takes to eat for the month, and only me will be left to feed.
I bought a used iPad and I am very happy with it I still have a few installations to initialize and everything will be perfect with my iPad that makes me happy because it is my only way to spend my days drawing to do photo montages to write etc.
I ordered an amazon pen it’s not Apple but hope it will work and hope to have it soon.
Otherwise nothing very new another day with my iPad and my cat Holly.
I hope everyone who reads me is okay. And to all of you I wish you a good night and that all goes well for you thank you for reading me that makes me happy.
Overall I have a good day.
I have something to read, and almost to write, and to contact you as I can.
I hope tomorrow will be a good day and my bank will be unblocked.

To be continued… .thank you!

Par Sylvie Delaruelle & Holly Delaruelle

Ma vie & celle de ma Princess Holly Delaruelle en Angleterre depuis 20 années. A la recherche de mes 2 filles & petits enfants en France & sans aucune nouvelle. Je suis née le 25/11/1950

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