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Well it works and I’m fine.
Holly sleeps on me quietly it’s calm here it’s hot and it’s okay.
Jo who was to come did not come. I sent her a message she told me that she’s working tonight and of course she didn’t warn me a little funny when even she could have warned me.
It didn’t rain today. It wasn’t cold outside either.
The former adjoining neighbor was in the area. He had parked his car a little further away so as not to be noticed and he went to the neighbor opposite the one, who has hair of all colors.
I don’t know what he’s doing here, the one who was at 3am in the morning was in his car, he was making strange headlight flashes anyway.
Holly has grabbed my table again I can not put anything on it she is lying wagging her tail listens to me talk she is gently naughty anyway she is well rounded and we can see that she is well fed and well groomed, we love each other dearly.
Nothing new today, calm day and I was not cold it still changes me as much radon and humidity in the 90% tonight and it is hot I am not too hot and I am not cold but it is still humid and the radon to breathe.
Holly and I if this continues we’re gonna get lung cancer with this radon and moisture.
I’m going to smoke a cigarette, drink a coffee and if I’m sleepy I’ll go to bed because this morning I got up at 9:30 am.
It’s a bit annoying I don’t have hot water on the sink because the hot water tap does not close anymore so the workers have stopped the water from the hot water tap in my sink. To wash the dishes I have to take the water in the bathroom, it is very practical.
I called to fix this tap they are coming next week at the end of next week so still days to carry hot water to do wash my dishes.
I was able to draw still today do crosswords read listen to music and cook I took care of Holly so it’s okay little heart I told Holly she is trying to remove the humidity on her fur and she is liking herself find the error well I’m going to make a coffee smoke my cigarette and save that wishing good night to those who read me.

To be followed …… thanks !

Par Sylvie Delaruelle & Holly Delaruelle

Ma vie & celle de ma Princess Holly Delaruelle en Angleterre depuis 20 années. A la recherche de mes 2 filles & petits enfants en France & sans aucune nouvelle. Je suis née le 25/11/1950

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