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Well, 643 Radon béquerel currently with us !?
East Devon District Council couldn’t care less because they never answered my emails.
Thank you it’s perfect !
We’re gonna recover from lung cancer Holly and they do not take care of our health as they doesn’t care.
Nothing new still regularly hacked & nobody cared about it. It’s crazy like in Auschwitz concentration camp a half-bungalow of the US Army hospital during the war.
All these bungalows date from this period and things must have happened in the neighborhood.
At the end of the last war they buried everything & left in fourth gear.
Phil Portman told me that he even found small empty glass bottles in his garden he showed them to me he left the neighborhood for some time to live with his brother.
He knew what was going on with the neighborhood & got back anything people didn’t want anymore.
At his place it was Ali Baba’s cave, where you could find everything.
I came to live here over 21 years ago because he lived there & he was an acquaintance. He often came to drink coffee but as soon as he got to know Beverly known as Bev, he hardly came any more, good as a friendship!
It’s a shame, finally, the lack of respect he showed by not coming.
Everything is calm here, rarely people in the street, the neighbors ignoring me because they never came to see me even before the Covid & its variants. Ah! They go shopping in cars & those for them no solidarity, really it’s unfortunate to see that.
So I live my daily grind with my currently sleeping Princess Holly.
The weather is gray, it hasn’t rained & it’s not cold I think we’ll have rain soon.
I take turns with my paintings & I learn that makes me happy & spends my time pleasantly. It’s not easy, I still have a long way to go.
To say that my Father was an artist & I have nothing of him, you had to see his drawings.
My father I didn’t know until very late because my parents were divorced & I didn’t know my father when I was young. I looked for him when I was married with my two daughters. That’s when I saw him for the first time as he was living with his wife & had a son. They lived near Roissy if memory serves
No one is talking about Covid 19 & its variants any more in the hushed history news I believe.
So we don’t know anything anymore. Not bad eh !?
We live in a strange world anyway! Me I continue to follow the wearing of the mask & take all measures to protect myself & also Holly who has not gone out since I have her . She likes it she rrest from time to time by the window & especially in the evening . I no longer see a cat in the street before I saw a lot of them & for some time now if I see one it is rare.
I’ll make myself a coffee & see you later ..
Good luck to all those who read me.

To be continued ….

Par Sylvie Delaruelle & Holly Delaruelle

Ma vie & celle de ma Princess Holly Delaruelle en Angleterre depuis 20 années. A la recherche de mes 2 filles & petits enfants en France & sans aucune nouvelle. Je suis née le 25/11/1950

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