No more on Facebook since the 3rd of November 2021.

Having benn accessed and hacked so many times on there Yesterday I quit Facebook and their messenger. Not safe there and really I was upset.

Holly and I are fine and I am relax today after having had a good sleep the weather is lovely it’s 9 deg C not too cold so it’s nice.

I’m going to cook and will continue to update everything as with Facebook I encountered load of problems. Resolved now so it’s fine.

To follow …. Later Thank for reading me.

Par Sylvie Delaruelle & Holly Delaruelle

Ma vie & celle de ma Princess Holly Delaruelle en Angleterre depuis 20 années. A la recherche de mes 2 filles & petits enfants en France & sans aucune nouvelle. Je suis née le 25/11/1950

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