Today 31 of May 2022 correctly good date well then beginning of the afternoon someone knocking at my front door.

I went to ask who was it ?

And it was Mr Sachedeva, nice man psychiatrist. No expecting hi visit but opened the door. And nicely we talked well a nice man

Then I was thinking of Rachel, the psychiatrist nurse who used to come at home. I was not obligated to see her but she is a nice lady. Now she works for the main hospital in Exeter Devon. I

You know I have always had problems of connection so I retype her an email again just to see how she is. She is a lovely lady. Someone too I used to talk about everything. She is reading too as I advised her because I was reading it too is quantum doctors very interesting to read. I totally approuve the way of the book. I think it is the future in médecine. I advise you to read it Very good approche.

Then I cooked my meal as French one fish with my cooking skills and vegetables brussels sprouts just a few carrot spices and matched potatoes just a bit and my home made gravy with a pinch of cream. Delicious it was. Then cheese a bit of bordeaux and a real coffee now Still listening to my music I did.

See you later … take care

But I have a revenge and I won’t leave the earth without doing what for as I will never forgive what we and the pets Ihad before and me too had suffered here where I am still living with Holly my so lovely cat.

I have the strength of a lion even 71 years old but NOT one will remove Holly from our love as we are one together. She understands French when I speak to her. She is so Intelligent. If without me she will be lost as I know what she liked and we care for us not one will be enough close to her to care well for her. She is very unique special MY Holly.

Why I speak French to her ? here in where I am living for 23 years not one speaks to me so I don’t bother. Se I have so many things to share but ….. They don’t even know me or want to know me so as they say here Fuck off sorry but t people not having respects I reply the same.

Have a lovely evening to all.

Aujourd’hui, 4 Juin 2022

Un peu froid ici mais Holly & moi allons bien. Le soleil fait qqs fa dès apparitions.

Rien de bien neuf j’espère que vous aussi allez superbement bien.

A plus …Temps grisâtre …. ici C’es l’Angleterre ! Holly et moi avons mangé et ça continue ….

Par Sylvie Delaruelle & Holly Delaruelle

Ma vie & celle de ma Princess Holly Delaruelle en Angleterre depuis 20 années. A la recherche de mes 2 filles & petits enfants en France & sans aucune nouvelle. Je suis née le 25/11/1950

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